Boulogne sur Mer Port

  • 800m of quay
  • 4 berths of maximum 10.5m draught SW
  • Accepting vessels up to 180m length and 26m beam
  • Handling
  • Cranes of 7m³, covered conveyors and mobile crane for heavy lift operations
  • Stevedoring
  • EDS dedicated staff
  • Open storage & Warehousing
  • Warehouse 20 000m², GMP - Food safetly certified zones
  • Open storage space Zone 1: 17 500m², 30m from berth
  • Open storage space Zone 2: 40 000m², 150m from berth

  • Rouen & Boulogne : 4.5 millions t/y

Rouen Port

  • Operating in all terminal
  • Senalia, Soufflet, Beuzelin, Lustucru, Radicatel, Lecureur, Simarex (NATUP)
  • Handling:
  • Cranes capacity over 120t, enabling handling all kind of products, any dimension and weight
  • Stevedoring
  • EDS dedicated staff
  • Open storage & Warehousing
  • Availabilities of warehouses and open storage spaces

A closer look at EDS Boulogne Terminal

Storage and handling 850kt/y of construction products, other bulk products, big bags, steel products, break products, heavy lift…
Bulk equiped with mobile conveyors 200t/h, hoppers weighing, pressurized wheel loaders, fully equipped for stuffing & unstuffing containers
Loading powder products into tank trucks, commercial truck scale, short circuits from and up to quay and dedicated solutions designing.

A closer look at EDS Rouen Terminal

Storage and handling 3.6 million t/y grains, fully equipped to operate with different products: big bags, steel and break products, heavy lift…
Large range of solutions development in Radicatel terminal, stuffing & unstuffing containers
Experimented staff in all kind of products, assuring operations quality, dedicated solutions designing.

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